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This nationally accredited course provides the RIIRIS601E (G3) and RIIWHS601E (G7), which are pre-requisites for sitting the Queensland Site Senior Executive exam.
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This course covers the mandatory AQF5 unit requirements for all Key Statutory Positions under the DMIRS requirements. They provide the skills and knowledge required to ...

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Ben TaylorSite Senior Executive
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“Exceptional course content. Options for study provided me with the opportunity to tailor my learning patterns to pass first time. Highly recommend this course.”
Jason WalkerManager Mining
Read More
“Kiernan and Chris cut straight to the point and focussed on the key skills required to navigate the new legislation. I’d recommend this method of preparation to anyone sitting the exam that is time poor and appreciates a focussed learning pathway. Thanks Optimised Mining 👍”
Sam TriffettOpen Cut Examiner
Read More
“Best course there is. The program has helped me achieve what I set out for. Not thinking I would be able to do it as I hadn’t studied or been to school in over 25 years, the way they have designed the study program has made it achievable for me. Thanks for all the support along the way guys!”
Tom LynchProject Director
Read More
“Kiernan and Chris were great, they were always on hand to answer questions or queries on the content. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the industry taking on the legislative exams."
Dave NelsonExploration Manager
Read More
"The app and the course structure were really helpful and made it easy to learn the content. I particularly benefited from the practice exams and the confidence completing them gives you when it's time for the real thing. I've been recommending it to everyone on that basis."
Megan KlineDeputy General Manager
Read More
“The Optimised SSE course gave me the knowledge to ensure I could pass the SSE exam. The structured approach to study and ensuring the most important information is retained is a key part of the course. I felt comfortable with the content and could always ask for help if needed.”
Blake HesseSenior Scheduling Engineer
Read More
“The course was an excellent blend of revision material and practice exams, provided in a format that puts you in the best possible position to pass by tracking progress and maintaining accountability.”
Justin KeenSupervisor Projects
Read More
“Well structured program, enjoyed the option to work through the individual sections in my own time at my own pace.”
Russell JohnstonSupervisor
Read More
“The practice questions were very helpful as to a wrong answer was explained and guided in the right direction to the right answer. Would highly recommend this course and there was always good communication to the end to me on how i was doing. Passed 100%, Thanks.”
Amal DortajSenior Production Engineer
Read More
“The course was practical and helped me with understanding the study techniques and tips provided narrowed down the content and made it easy to understand. The app was easy to navigate and familiarised me with the question and exam styles and made me feel ready and confident for my test. Thank you Optimised Mining team for your ongoing help and encouragement.”
Derek PappinFXP Shutdown Superintendent
Read More
“Outstanding process, training, the support, reaching out with genuine care. Yes would recommend.”
Beau WoolcockProduction Supervisor
Read More
“The efficiency in navigating the Regs and Acts coupled with constant review apps made passing the Exam a breeze. Thanks for your support..”
Elaine HalleyProduction Supervisor
Read More
“Very organized training. The streaks held you accountable, tried hard not to break them.”
Mladen StevanovicExploration Manager
Read More
“Not knowing much about the exam process beforehand, Optimised Mining has helped me with giving all explanations and providing trips & tricks to make preparation easy. There is no magic wand though; passing the exams takes dedication - and countless mock exam attempts.”
Allan CornellReliability Specialist/Shutdown Area Owner
Read More
“Highly recommend the support and practice exams offered by Optimised Mining.”
James A. Penales JrGeoscience Supervisor
Read More
“Help me to establish a routine and system to navigate the Mines Act and Regs and to successfully pass the examination on first attempt. Highly recommend the course to everyone who are seeking to pass their Statutory Supervisor examinations.”
Jinming DongUnderground Manager
Read More
“The training was very helpful in both FCMM and SSE exams. It also helped understand the Act and Regulations. I’d recommend people who is preparing for the WHS exam to take the course and use the App. It helps!”
Lerisia SmitProcess Manager
Read More
“The course and catchy phrases helped me to create a "mental map" of the content. And once I had that, the rest came down to diligent practice with the help on an excellent APP to improve lookup speed!.”
Jamie HetheringtonProduction Supervisor
Read More
“It focused on going through each section of the Act and Regs with flashcards. I was able to go through my app and auto revise then do the practice exams. The app also kept me on track and showed my progress. The practice exams on the app slowly integrate your knowledge until you are ready for a full length Statutory Supervisor exam. Highly recommended”
Gerrit KriekSupervisor D&B/Alternative Qualified Officer
Read More
“Awesome course prepares you well and truly for the exam, you just need to put the time in. The team at optimized training was always available to help, and for the person that is not academically orientated, the course sets them up for success.”
Aarron JohnsonMining Production Supervisor
Read More
“Not completing any study for a long time, I was very nervous about sitting my QM exam however the Optimized training app allowed me to learn at my own pace. The format and style were well suited to working and studying in my role being able to fit in quick study sessions whenever possible. The encouragement and guidance from Kiernan and Chris were awesome. Thanks again for all your help and a great learning tool.”
Nathan HalfpennyMine Manager
Read More
“The training Optimised facilitated at the start excellent, allowing a group of like mined mining professionals to understand the requirement within the new WHS exams and how to effectively prepare for them. I would suggest to any person looking to sit a statutory exam, to first link up with the Optimised team to give you the greatest chance of success (especially for those of us that have had some water pass under the bridge since last formally studying).”
Ryan BazzicaESO
Read More
“Using the flash cards and the auto revision really sets you up for success. The way the structure is broken down in to more manageable quick to learn pieces, makes this course really recommendable.”
Dom IeraciMine Services Coordinator
Read More
“Easy to follow, helps your retention where subjects are located.”
Blake TalbotSenior Mining Engineer
Read More
“The course created a structure and kept me accountable through the app. The practice exams built confidence rapidly. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to quickly understand how to navigate the act and regs so the exam prep and exams are a breeze.”
Matt MullinsFuel Supervisor
Read More
“Great course and really opened your eyes to what is required of a scheduled 26 supervisor. Set you up for success in the exam due to the way you learn over the 4 weeks.”
Rob HallSuperintendent Water
Read More
“Great program, loved the structure and the targeted repetition. It drove home the knowledge of where to look in the Contents sections and for many questions, what the answer is.”
Dan BeckerAlternate QM
Read More
“Enabled me to be far more fluent in the contents of the WHS Act and WHS Regulations. The Optimised preparation course helped immensely allowing a great learning schedule and able to respond quickly to requests . Would thoroughly recommend.”
Brad Reed
Read More
“Great help I have not been in school for a few years . This I would say is the reason I passed the QM exam.”
Benford MoyoMaintenance Supervisor
Read More
"The Optmised training gave me the confidence required to get through the examination on the day. I recommend Optimised to anyone who wants to sit for the exam be Stat Supervisor, SSE, Quarry Manager etc. They are the best in this game.”
Thomas TurtonSuperintendent/Alt SSE
Read More
“Using and following the Optimised Mining App was crutial in getting prepared to complete the Mining Legislation exam. I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the exam.”
Angus UrquhartDrill & Blast Superintendent
Read More
“Fantastic program, set the standard and show what was required from study and routine level to pass the exams.”
Steve GuyExploration Manager
Read More
“Optimised Mining provided a brilliant structure and system for attaining my WA Exploration Managers ticket. They were in regular contact with me and responded quickly with all of my questions. I'll be using Optimised to complete my Queensland SSE ticket as well and would recommend them to anyone requiring a regulatory qualification.”
Dean HumphreyLoad and Haul Supervisor
Read More
“I believe my success in this exam was due to the support I got from the team at optimized mining and the great app they have developed.”
Rachael EppenManager Mining
Read More
“The course on navigating the Act and Regs helped, but I online practice exams and flash cards really set me up for success. Thank you.”
Aarron JohnsonMining Production Supervisor
Read More
“Not completing any study for a long time, I was very nervous about sitting my QM exam however the Optimized training app allowed me to learn at my own pace. The format and style were well suited to working and studying in my role being able to fit in quick study sessions whenever possible. The encouragement and guidance from Kiernan and Chris were awesome. Thanks again for all your help and a great learning tool.”
Kevin ThorpeQuarry Manager
Read More
“Fantastic course, practice exams were very helpful.”
Sean RigbyProduction Supervisor
Read More
“Working off the app was very simple to navigate and made the learning easy. I recommend optimized mining because the learning is very structured, and you can't go wrong if you're following it on a daily basis.”
Tania McCormackProduction Technician
Read More
Optimised Mining means success rates with all the DEMIRS exams... The optimised mining app enhanced learning & made navigating through the Act & Regulations much more clearer.

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